Taximus is a tax service provider offering real accountants and CPA’s, maximum accuracy,  and maximum convenience by meeting clients where and when it makes sense for them.  Through our App we match clients with a real accountant in their area that is committed to providing the highest quality tax service, advice, and customer service.  Taximus has professionals that are eligible to practice in front of the IRS.


  • Get connected to a real accountant in your area
  • Easily make appointments at a time and place convenient for you
  • Receive alerts about your appointments


  • Taximus allows you to select the meeting location most convenient for you - home, work or other - as well as the day and time that works best for you. After you choose your preferred time and location, you will be notified within 48 hours of the accountant who will be assisting you and your appointment time and location.
  • You can easily view all upcoming scheduled appointments.
  • Make appointments online round the clock with Taximus. The app links from your mobile and allows you to request an appointment thus eliminating the pain of booking over the phone.

Real Accountants - Maximum Accuracy - Maximum Convenience

Taximus is an easy to use mobile app to schedule appointments with real accountants. With its secure and easy to use Interface that can be accessed through any iOS device you can make appointments at your convenience.

Offering Tax Preparation Services

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